Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Romantic Invitations

Romance does live in the heart of the macho Aussie male.

Shopping in Carindale today I ventured into a gift shop, drawn in by the show of reduced price wine glasses at the door. The assistant was helping a young male, approx late 20's, purchase tealight holders (small brandy balloon shapes) - no my life does not evolve around alcohol - and she was putting sand and tealights into them.

"Isn't he gorgeous" she said, "he's going to meet his girlfriend down on the beach, where he will have all the candles lit - and he's going to propose" - I got goosebumps. How romantic was that.
I told him I thought he was a lovely young man, and that whoever he was proposing to was lucky to have him, and wished him and his fiance to be happiness, health and a long life together.

I do hope she said yes, and if she did and if the couple would like to come and see me I would be happy to give them a very special price on their wedding invitations.

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