Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dreaming of Green

Green is a beautiful colour choice for a special event. Obviously it brings to mind the theme of nature, life and harmony. All About Paper has been commissioned for a few tartan themed weddings which often incorporates a lot of dark green tones but there are so many other pretty shades of green to consider.

emerald, sea green, seafoam, grass, apple, mint, forest, lime,
spring, aquamarine, chartreuse, jade, sage and my favourite viridian

Being associated with all things natural green represents everything from fertility, growth, energy and fresh starts. From that green is also considered a relaxing colour and even more so when matched with blue, prefect for our semi-tropical climate.

Green gemstones are used to attract money, prosperity and wealth.

With both a warming and cooling effect, the colour green denotes balance, harmony, and stability. Green is said to be favoured by well balanced people who have a lot of respect for themselves and others.
All About Paper is one of the Brisbane’s largest stockists for Christina Re papers and back with our huge range of specialty papers, we are sure to have just the right shade of green for your theme.

Phone ahead to ensure that one of our design team will be on site to assist your selection. Our design team includes professional artists, event planners, printers and designers with extensive experience in organising events both large and small. With that level of experience, we can comfortably say nothing is too much to ask especially if you are looking for that uniquely you designer original, All About Paper is here and ready to help.
Open 7 days a week.

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