Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Things that make us smile

Working with people planning special celebrations makes me smile. There are so many special occasions in life that are worth celebrating, baby showers, christenings, 21st, graduations, engagements, weddings, anniversaries and special birthdays.
The other day I introduced you to the concept of mood boards. Home decorators and fashion designers use the same tool when pulling together ideas and themes. By clipping together scraps of things that make you smile very quickly you can see your style or story board developing.

That is where our design team is ready to help take your dreams and ideas to uniquely you invitations and paper accessories for your special event but at reasonable cost.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Inspired by mood boards

When developing a theme, many artists and designers use mood boards, snips and snaps of bits and pieces that catch your eye all hanging out together till then blend together into inspiration!

This is an example of a mood board we have seen recently

And the invitations that matched their view

What do you think? Do you have a mood board? An idea or theme brewing that wants to become unique invitations for your special event? All About Paper has a talented cast of artists standing by and ready to help.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

DIY Invitations and workshop

Any wedding and special events guide, planner or magazine will tell you the best way to ensure that a celebration has your unique stamp and style on it is to make your own invitations and paper accessories. It is easy to be overwhelmed, think you are all thumbs, don’t know which end of a glue stick is up and buy something off the rack that looks ok. But you don’t have too!

At All About Paper we have a DIY workshop area set up for you to browse through hundreds of ideas, the largest range in the Redlands of speciality papers including Christina Re and meet our in store design staff to talk through your ideas.

With a plan in mind we can work with you to create beautiful designs at a very affordable price. Your ideas, our designers and then your fingers working together as a dream team with all the latest tools and equipment to work with, what could be better than that?

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Inspiring Brides and Special Events

We are so excited to be participating in the Inspire Bridal magazine dedicated to special events here in the Bayside region. Our complementary copies are in store now for you to pick up when visiting our new display and DIY workshop area. With the largest range of well known invitation papers like Christina Re and a good selection of other specialty papers All About Paper has enough resources to help you find the right solution to invitation, bombinare and table décor needs.

Have you thought of pergamano as unique accent on your invitations? The lace style of paperwork has been used for many years as a decorative feature in weddings and christenings. All About Paper has a wonderful and highly skilled teacher as part of our design team. Her beautiful designs and talented teaching style will have you creating artistic designs in no time at all.
Photography is described as an art and process of reproducing images and preserving memories. Who hasn’t seen a special moment that we want to savour the memory forever?

With all the new and affordable digital options photographs we all seem to be taking more photos. Why not make the best of that at enrol in a lesson to update your skills or gift certificate a lesson for someone who will be taking more photos as part of planning for your special event.

Melissa and Andrea of Point Shoot Play who teach half day photography lessons here at All About Paper are not only very skilled in the use of equipment but also talented teachers. They like to inspire others to achieve their best. Our class numbers are kept small to allow you individual attention for your own needs with your own camera at your own skill level.
Photoshop is a useful tool for photo manipulation that has both high end professional and home based editions with something for everyone. Much like the class where our numbers are kept small to allow you more personal attention, where everyone has their hands on the computer mouse learning the tricks that make this computer program a sinch.

Melissa Mieleka recently said some of the reasons why Point Shoot Play like to teach at All About Paper “ is the combination of a large well lit teaching space that is fully equipped with all the latest gear and ready to go with helpful staff for whom nothing is too much trouble that make All About Paper a fabulous learning space.”

We are also organising an option of 1on1 private tutorials in either photography or photoshop with Point Shoot Play, please call the shop to confirm availability.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Better Home & Gardens Wedding Invitations

Did you see in the recent edition of Better Homes and Gardens magazine their version of invitations using Christina Re paper? It really is a lovely design.

If you would like to see more from the Christina Re collection, All About Paper is the largest stockist in the Cleveland and Redland area.
That includes the latest release from Christina Re.

And if there was not enough to tempt you, as a papercraft store we literally have hundreds of pretty paper designs to choose from to put your own personal stamp on announcing your special event.

If you are interested in making your own, we do have some very budget conscious solutions that allow you to make a large portion of your accessories in our very own design studio. With all the tools and equipment you need right here in the shop and a talented team of designers on call we can help make this a part of your preparations a special event in itself. Don’t forget our Special Events date next weekend with lots of new products and tools and techniques to try. Our big annual stock take sale has a large range of top quality products and equipment suitable for special events and invitations. Use our layby service to start putting some of these bargains away for gifts later in the year, treat yourself or start work on your special event.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Inspire Bridal and Special Events

To celebrate the launch of Inspire Bridal, Redlands only special events publication we are hosting a special event ourselves on Sunday July 26.

It will be a full day dedicated to invitations, table decorations, and those little ideas that make your event special. Wedding, Shower, Christening, Anniversary, so many events but all special in their own way.

$55 person for a full day event including lunch or bring a friend for a special deal of 2 for $90.

It will be a big day of creative adventures with pretty papers including the new release of Christina Re paper designed for invitations and special occasions. Beginners through advanced are catered for with our Design Team on site to help you get hands on with tools and equipment to be turning out fabulous creations in now time at all.

All About Paper is the home to the largest range of Christina Re products in the Redlands region and best of all with the additional resources of a huge range of papercraft products you are really only limited by your own imagination. We have a range of papers to suit every colour scheme and printed papers for almost any theme.

Another resource that is available for All About Paper customers is our Design Team, they love to take your wishes and dreams and turn pretty printed paper into magical creations. Once you have decided on a design you can book our design studio with all those tools that you need to create affordable and unique invitations and other stationary items for your special occasion.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Discounts and savings

Have you seen the Keep Calm signs and all the funny variations.

It is a great theme, lots of folks have had a rocky time lately. As much as some things have changed, some things stay the same.
You can save money making things for your special occasions.
What nicer way for your family and friends to feel like they have participated and contributed than to get to help in the preparations.

Working together with retailers I have been able to continue to stock good quality product and with layby, the club membership and other options been able to control prices.

Now it is time to move some of the current lines along with a huge stock taking sale. Big items including tools and albums right down to small hand tools and papers.

Lots to choose from in a variety of different styles and price ranges. Stop by today and check out the bargains, laybys are always welcome.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Invitations for Celebrations

Put Sunday July 26 into your diary as a special occasion.

We are hosting a full day event at All About Paper dedicated to invitations, table decorations, and those little ideas that make your event special. Wedding, Shower, Christening, Anniversary, so many events but all special in their own way.

$55 person for a full day event including lunch or bring a friend for a special deal of 2 for $90.

It will be a big day of creative adventures with pretty papers including the new release of Christina Re paper designed for invitations and special occasions.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Inspire Bridal Magazine

This week we attended the launch of Inspire Bride magazine which is entirely dedicated to hosting beautiful events here in the Redlands area.

Cleveland, Wellington Point, Stradbroke Island have so much to offer in beautiful venues and top quality suppliers for all the needs for any special event, weddings, anniversaries or corporate events.

Inspire Bride magazine is dedicated to celebrating the best of our region and best of all it is free!
Yes that’s right a bridal magazine full of insider tips and suggestions on where to find everything you need locally and you can pick it up from our shop All About Paper in the Raby Bay Harbour complex.
Stop in and have all look at our ever expanding range of specialty papers and meet some our in house design team.