Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Inspire Bridal

We are excited to announce that All About Paper will be advertising with Inspire Bridal and working closely with them on events planned for our local Redlands Region.

Redlands, Cleveland, Wellington Point, Ormiston, Redland Bay, Stradbroke and the islands are packed full of wonderful venues and locations for special events.

Keep checking back here for more news and updates.

In the mean time we can show you a copy of a new card magazine. Titled Do Crafts, the magazines does have some information on other paper crafts including scrapbooking and gift ideas but for the most part it is focused on making beautiful cards for all kinds of occasions.

This is an example of a shower tea card that was inspired by some of the samples in the Do Crafts magazine. Visit the shop to find out more about Inspire Bridal and Do Crafts magazine.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pergamano or Parchment Craft

Have you considered white lacy decorative images of pergamano or parchment craft in your invitations for celebrations?

The craft itself has a long artistic history originating from Europe and now spread throughout the world. Both Pergamano and Parchment craft continue to grow and evolve with new designs and applications resulting in projects that can be very traditional and formal through to very modern and fresh.

All About Paper is very lucky to have a qualified teacher in Pergamano and Parchment craft. Her designs are very skilful and beautiful but more importantly as a teacher she loves to help students discover and grow their own style and skills. We have a large range of supplies for both Pergamano and Parchment craft available here in the store.

Classes are held on the first Sunday of the month, half or whole day, beginners through advanced. As Ms Pergamano says ‘what better way to spend an afternoon than with new friends enjoying a handicraft in sunny surroundings’. Numbers are limited, please phone in advance to book your seats.

There is a new card magazine that will include a column dedicated to Pergamano being launched shortly. Samples of the card magazine are available at the store now and subscription registrations will be taken to ensure availability. Technique classes based around some of the magazine card projects will be scheduled and the first class will be a freebie on the 26th.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Making your celebration special

Planning special events need not be overwhelming when there are so many resources freely available. I am building up this blog as a resource with tips on etiquette, the latest design ideas and information about local suppliers or venues.

As the major retailer for Christina Re in the Redlands, our shop has everything in the range including idea books packed full of fun designs using the Christina Re papers.

Another free resource you might consider is the local library. Our Cleveland library has 100s of idea books and magazines for you too choose from.

If you can not find something off the peg that suits your special occasion, ask our design team to prepare something unique that suits your theme. For the budget conscious our work area is available for you to utilise tools and equipment not only a great way to keep costs under control but also have fun with family and friends by allowing them to participate and contribute to your special occasion.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Invitation Style

When writing these posts, as a local shopkeeper, I am thinking about sharing the best our local region has to offer. From the hit counter I can see that people from all over are searching for ideas on how to make their invitations for celebrations or announcements special and unique as they are.

How do you do that in this mass produced commercial world? A creative designer and handmade with love has got to be the answer.

Our design team is on call for your special requests and the studio available for working bees. What could be better than getting together with special friends and family to create your invitations for celebrations and special events, Raby Bay Harbour offers a number of dining options to round out your day.

Finishing touches are an important element to your packaging. Have you seen that Australia Post allows you to create your own personalized stamps? The local post office can assist you in ordering in their range of pre-made stamps with pretty wedding themes or baby motifs or you can create your own by uploading your own photos and images via this link.