Thursday, June 11, 2009

Making your celebration special

Planning special events need not be overwhelming when there are so many resources freely available. I am building up this blog as a resource with tips on etiquette, the latest design ideas and information about local suppliers or venues.

As the major retailer for Christina Re in the Redlands, our shop has everything in the range including idea books packed full of fun designs using the Christina Re papers.

Another free resource you might consider is the local library. Our Cleveland library has 100s of idea books and magazines for you too choose from.

If you can not find something off the peg that suits your special occasion, ask our design team to prepare something unique that suits your theme. For the budget conscious our work area is available for you to utilise tools and equipment not only a great way to keep costs under control but also have fun with family and friends by allowing them to participate and contribute to your special occasion.

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