Thursday, June 18, 2009

Pergamano or Parchment Craft

Have you considered white lacy decorative images of pergamano or parchment craft in your invitations for celebrations?

The craft itself has a long artistic history originating from Europe and now spread throughout the world. Both Pergamano and Parchment craft continue to grow and evolve with new designs and applications resulting in projects that can be very traditional and formal through to very modern and fresh.

All About Paper is very lucky to have a qualified teacher in Pergamano and Parchment craft. Her designs are very skilful and beautiful but more importantly as a teacher she loves to help students discover and grow their own style and skills. We have a large range of supplies for both Pergamano and Parchment craft available here in the store.

Classes are held on the first Sunday of the month, half or whole day, beginners through advanced. As Ms Pergamano says ‘what better way to spend an afternoon than with new friends enjoying a handicraft in sunny surroundings’. Numbers are limited, please phone in advance to book your seats.

There is a new card magazine that will include a column dedicated to Pergamano being launched shortly. Samples of the card magazine are available at the store now and subscription registrations will be taken to ensure availability. Technique classes based around some of the magazine card projects will be scheduled and the first class will be a freebie on the 26th.

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