Friday, June 5, 2009

Invitation Style

When writing these posts, as a local shopkeeper, I am thinking about sharing the best our local region has to offer. From the hit counter I can see that people from all over are searching for ideas on how to make their invitations for celebrations or announcements special and unique as they are.

How do you do that in this mass produced commercial world? A creative designer and handmade with love has got to be the answer.

Our design team is on call for your special requests and the studio available for working bees. What could be better than getting together with special friends and family to create your invitations for celebrations and special events, Raby Bay Harbour offers a number of dining options to round out your day.

Finishing touches are an important element to your packaging. Have you seen that Australia Post allows you to create your own personalized stamps? The local post office can assist you in ordering in their range of pre-made stamps with pretty wedding themes or baby motifs or you can create your own by uploading your own photos and images via this link.

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