Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pretty photos and photoshop

Many of us hire professional photographers for our special events and appreciate their valuable talents and skills. No doubt there will be lots of photo buffs in the family as well helping out with candid snaps.

It is a good idea to plan a list of the particular moments and people that you want to make sure are photographed during your special event. And don’t forget to include the little details, table settings, flowers, gifts and things that made your day special.

One thing you should add to your list, is a lesson in photography and photoshop to help you learn some quick tips from experts. Some times it is the little things that mean a lot, like hands on tutorials in a small class environment.

With all the new and affordable digital options photographs we all seem to be taking more photos. Why not make the best of that at enroll in a lesson to update your skills or gift certificate a lesson for someone who will be taking more photos as part of planning for your special event.

All About Paper is proud to host Point Shoot Play for lessons in both photography and photoshop, both in small class settings and one on one. Melissa makes everyone welcome and tailors classes to suit your needs. One of my favorite parts of the classes is where she shows us how to look good in front of the camera and then how to make fun alterations like this example.

Please phone to secure your place in the next class and be amazed with the amount of tips that can quickly improve the quality of your photos.

We are also organising an option of 1on1 private tutorials in either photography or photoshop with Point Shoot Play, please call the shop to confirm availability.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Gift Giving

Gifts can be something useful for the home, luxuriously scented candles, subscription to a magazine, photo frames are an easy choice. Or you can purchase a practical and personalized gifts such as photography lessons, photo albums or a gift certificate that can help them budget for their special event.

Whatever type of gift you choose, they are sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness, and your shared enthusiasm for their personal celebration, engagement, baby shower, christening, anniversary or special birthday.

Gifts bring smiles on the face of the recipients, a way to send warm wishes and congratulate them in a memorable way. All About Paper has many options to help you in gift giving, gift certificates can be used towards the invitation range, products or classes and we have a large range of albums in a variety of colours and themes.

Invitation Etiquette

Etiquette is a lovely word but it does not have to be complicated.

If you are having an event and it is special, written invitations are a way of setting the scene and communicating your story. All About Paper have years of experience in coordinating special events and creating invitations. You are in safe hands with the All About Paper design team.

A quick summary of some things you might want to consider, for big events as well as special birthdays, anniversaries, graduation parties, showers, well just any occasion that you want to invite people and make it special.

Save the date cards A great way to let your guests from out of town know about your wedding date is to send Save-the-Date cards. They may be essential for planning flights and booking time off to be with you. Save-the-dates should be sent out at least 3 to 6 months in advance of your wedding date.

Dress code
Dress code should be included in formal invitations. The style of your invitation and message projected can also reinforce formal vs casual events.

Money and gifts
Today it is very common to ask for money instead of gifts, how you ask for it is where etiquette is important. You may use a wishing well or a gift registry but please don’t include anything about gifts in the invitation itself, a separate insert is more appropriate.

Response deadlines should be no later than 1 month before the special day, or the date your caterer needs a final count. RSVP cards included with your wedding invitation are a great way to make sure your guests reply quickly.

And with that I am leaving an rsvp to you and all the lovely people we have met at recent expos and events. All About Paper is always ready to help make your special event as stress free as possible with our large range of pretty papers and well qualified design team. Invitations can be a special touch for any occasion, anniversary, birthday, graduation, any time you want to say, the event is special and so are your guests.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Gala Events

It is that time of year when offices and social groups are planning their annual gala events.

All About Paper design team understands the needs of corporate event planning, looking for something classic and tasteful, but fun is not easy.

We are showing a range of the Christina Re papers in a classic B&W but have many other wonderful patterns and colour schemes to choose from in our huge range of papers, something to suit every occasion, corporate or team colours. Phone ahead if you would like to meet a member of the design team to assist in designing unique and elegant (but budget conscious) invitations for your special event.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wedding Expos

As a special gift to you, visit us at the Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club on Sunday the 13th of September for a chance to enter into our competitions.

On display will be a small sample of our new design range of invitations. Prizes, giveaways and goodies galore make it worth dropping by. Sunday September13th from 11 am Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club 325 Colburn Avenue, Victoria Point

Our retail shop All About Paper is located at the Raby Bay Harbour on Shore Street West in Cleveland. John and the design team are on site to help you with your purchases including these beautiful crystal and diamante charms that are now in stock.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Prince & Princess

Invitations often bring to mind weddings and we do love those but there are so many other celebrations particularly for our little princes and princesses all with their own style and unique tastes.
Children’s parties are a fabulous occasion for family and friends to gather and celebrate. When your little ones are old enough it can be a good learning activity for them in organisational skills, etiquette of invitations and hosting and maybe even a little creative craft.
All About Paper home of Brisbane’s largest stock of Christina Re speciality invitation paper and backed up with 1000s of other pretty papers to choose from we are sure to have just the right paper for baby showers, christenings, and special parties.

Our design team is available to assist you with creating unique designs and even simple craft projects for guests to complete at the party.

All About Paper truly is all about the paper products you need for unique specialty invitations and quality party stationary. Backed up with 1000s of pretty papers, a design team on call and a DIY workshop area makes wonderful things possible.

See us at Victoria Point Sharks Wedding Expo with a sample of our new designer invitation range and lots of goodies, prizes and giveaways on Sunday September 13th from 11 am.

Retail: Open 7 days a week at beautiful Raby Bay Harbour in Cleveland

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bomboniere and gift giving

Many cultures include little gifts or bomboniere at celebrations as a special treat to say thank you to guests for sharing in the festivities. The word bomboniere translates to ‘a small fancy box or dish for bonbons’.
European’s trace this tradition back to early Roman times when fruit and nuts were given.
The first bomboniere packages were made of gold, precious stones, crystal or porcelain. Today we have so many more options than that, little bags or boxes in all kinds of shapes for all kinds of occasions.
All About Paper has lots of papers perfect for creating unique little treasure boxes to match your celebration theme. We have a selection of ready made and kits but also the option of our DIY workshop equipped with Cricut and Pazzle cutting tools and a Cuttlebug for finishing touches. Ask out design team for assistance in creating something unique and special for your special guests.
As a special gift to you, visit us at the Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club on Sunday the 13th of September for a chance to enter into our competitions. On display will be a small sample of our new design range of invitations. Prizes, giveaways and goodies galore make it worth dropping by.

Sunday September13th from 11 am
Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club 325 Colburn Avenue, Victoria Point

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