Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pretty Pink Invitations

Pink is shade associated with little girls but is seems like girls of all ages enjoy shades of pink at special celebrations, showers, weddings and special birthdays.Pink provides feelings of caring, tenderness, acceptance, playful, calm feelings, relaxation or contentment.
Pink is a combination of red and white tones and level of energy in pink is determined by how much red is visible, it can be subtle in pastels or hot and electric in neon tones.

salmon, coral, hot, fuchsia, blush or flush, flesh, cotton candy, flamingo, flesh , melon, petal, bubblegum, cotton candy and pink lemonade

So many pretty shades of pink to choose from particularly in the Christina Re range of papers, combined with our hundreds of other speciality papers to choose from there is sure to be just the right shade to go with your celebration theme. Our in house Design Team consists of professional event planners and talented artists who love to work with you in designing unique and beautiful invitations for your celebrations.

All About Paper provides many options for elegant invitations for special events with affordable package deals. We have a ready made, that you can add your own personal touch with a touch of bling, fully completed at a competitive price and even the option of a DIY workshop area complete with Cuttlebug, Cricut, Pazzle and all the tools that you need to make something special.
Retail: Open 7 days at beautiful Raby Bay Harbour, Cleveland
Design Team: Please call ahead to make an appointment

Keep an eye out for us at Victoria Point Sharks Wedding Expo, Sunday 13th of September.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Romantic Invitations

Romance does live in the heart of the macho Aussie male.

Shopping in Carindale today I ventured into a gift shop, drawn in by the show of reduced price wine glasses at the door. The assistant was helping a young male, approx late 20's, purchase tealight holders (small brandy balloon shapes) - no my life does not evolve around alcohol - and she was putting sand and tealights into them.

"Isn't he gorgeous" she said, "he's going to meet his girlfriend down on the beach, where he will have all the candles lit - and he's going to propose" - I got goosebumps. How romantic was that.
I told him I thought he was a lovely young man, and that whoever he was proposing to was lucky to have him, and wished him and his fiance to be happiness, health and a long life together.

I do hope she said yes, and if she did and if the couple would like to come and see me I would be happy to give them a very special price on their wedding invitations.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Creative Guest books for Celebrations

A guest book is a great way to remember a celebration.
As a new twist on the standard write your name here style of guest book why not create something that will be cherished by everyone and fun for your guests to make.

Place some pretty pens, instamatic camera, scissors, a selection of pretty paper, a glue stick on the table along with your guest book. You could either have blank pages for them to doodle as they like or maybe get them started with posing a question to answer, their tips for a happy marriage on suggestions for a good life together.

As guests arrive, start taking Polaroids or digital pictures that you can instantly print. Continuously place the photos on the table as they are available.

Tell your guests to write a little something in the guest book and to be creative! You will be amazed at how interesting the book will turn out. Best of all it will be a statement that is uniquely you and your guests on the day of your special celebration.

All About Paper is your one stop for all your stationary needs when it comes to planning a special celebration. Our large range of specialty papers including Christina Re is suitable for invitations, gift giving and more. We have a large range of ready made and raw books that can be finished to match your celebration theme, perfect for a unique guest book.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Blue bird of happiness and celebrations

Blue birds are a sweet theme for a celebration, weddings and baby showers might be your first thought. The symbol of a bluebird of happiness is part of cultures across the globe. It is a widely accepted symbol of cheerfulness, happiness, prosperity, hearth and home, good health, new births, and the renewal of springtime.

Lots of positive sentiments may be attached to the bluebird and blue is so calming and friendly. They would be a lovely theme for birthdays, new homes, and going away parties.

azure, baby, cerulean, cornflower, denim, electric, light, periwinkle, powder, robin's egg, royal, sky, ultramarine, so many pretty blues to choose from

All About Paper is Brisbane’s only multi award winning specialty paper retailer. These awards are recognition of high attention to customer service, that includes a DIY workshop area surrounded by hundreds of pretty papers in every shade you can think of. All About Paper is also the home of the largest range of Christina Re papers in the Brisbane region.

Our design team includes professional event planners and recognised artists who love to help you match the right papers with your celebration theme. The team have designed many unique and stylish invitations on all kinds of themes and look forward to meeting you soon. Ask them about our card making classes and tutorials.
Shop: Open 7 days at beautiful Raby Bay Harbour
Design Team Consultation: please call ahead

Friday, August 21, 2009

Corporate Celebrations

All About Paper’s specialty Invitations for Celebrations caters for all needs.

When we say All About we really do mean everything including corporate invitations.
Members of our Design Team have been busy PAs themselves and know how it feels when you suddenly get nominated for project planning on a large corporate event and they asked if you can bring it in under budget. This is some of our top tips to add to your check list.
Dates: School holidays, long weekends, public holidays, EFY, other major events, they all fill up the calendar quickly and the best venues are already booked out

Theme: This might be the time when uncomplicated is best. Awards night = gold, Christmas = touch of green, annual gala ball = black tie

Or do your corporate colours or logo need to be considered ?

Guests: How many ?
Invitations: Need to be out no later than 6 weeks in advance. Your guests have busy schedules too.

All About Paper and your personal design team are on call to help you design specialty invitations made to order or if you are watching the budget help you set up in the DIY workshop. Our Design Team members are busy PAs themselves, they know what you mean by corporate casual or corporate lounge or creatively corporate and will have lots of ideas on what will work for your celebration.
Open 7 days
One of Brisbane's largest stocks of Christian Re papers
Redland’s only multi award wining paper craft supplier

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Celebrating with Butterflies

Sometimes finding the right theme for a party or invitations to go with your theme can be like chasing butterflies. All About Paper is proud to be one of the major retailers for Christina Re papers in the South East Queensland area. We love to make your shopping and creating invitations for your special event as fun and full of pretty colours as chasing butterflies.

Butterflies are a great theme for an outdoor event, Christening, Baby Shower, Birthdays or Weddings, really any time that you want to celebrate a happy occasion.

Butterflies can be a feature on your cards or decorations using some of the pretty Christina re paper or any of our other pretty speciality papers in a variety of colours.

On this example we have used a punch to cut out a stencil of the butterfly shape for a very classic and very pretty but uncomplicated result.

All About Paper includes a DIY workshop area equipped with all the tools, cuttlebug, cricuit, pazzle and more that allow you to create wonderful unique invitations for your special occasions.

Retail: Open 7 days a week at beautiful Raby Bay Harbour by the bay
Design Team service, our design team consists of published artists, talented printers, and experience event planners. Please call ahead to ensure one of these invitation artists is on site to assist with colour matching or designing something uniquely you.

Celebrations on the Beach

Weekends like this remind me we are so lucky living here in sunny Queensland. We get to spend so much of the year out doors and is a wonderful choice when celebrating a special occasion to include elements of living near the beach.
Beach themed celebrations can be formal or as casual as you like because you get to set the mood. You get to tell your story through invitations, stationary and decorations that say this is my party and this is how I feel.

Shells are a good choice for décor, they can line the walk way or add a fun element to your table. Adding a few shells to your invitation, it sets the tone and mood for your special day.
After deciding if you are casual with surf shirts or sparkling with floaty summer cocktail dresses All About Paper can be there with the invitation to match.
We have one of the largest displays of Christina Re papers in the Brisbane region and 100s of other specialty papers to choose from, there will be sure to be something to match your blue wave, sandy shells, fresh frangipani or seaglass green colour schemes.

Phone ahead if you would like to have one of our design team on site to help with the selection or ideas. They are beach lovers too, I need a little warning to dust them off. And ask out our DIY cutting workshop, equipped with pazzle, cricuit, cuttle bug and more, an affordable option for beautiful and unique invitations.
Open 7 days
Proudly Redlands only multi award winning papercraft store

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Red Hot Ideas for themes

Red is hot and the warmest of colours in all its many pretty tones. All About Paper has been commissioned to create invitations for many special events, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations and weddings using a red theme.
Red is a popular choice by extroverts and one of the top picks of males but also it is a classic and timeless theme that works so well together. Red can be formal and traditional or red can be fun and funky, your choice.
Red roses symbolize passionate love. In some cultures, red denotes purity, joy, and celebration. Red is the colour of happiness and prosperity in China and may be used to attract good luck.
Red Rubies are the traditional Fortieth Wedding Anniversary gift.

scarlet, crimson, carmine, maroon, burgundy, ruby,
rose, rouge, blush, cherry,
cinnabar, russet, venetian, flame,

Oh so many pretty shades of red in different patterns and themes. As one of the largest Christina Re suppliers in the Brisbane area we have her full range of beautiful papers, embossed, flocked and glittered along with a large range of other speciality papers with something to fit every celebration you can imagine.
retail open 7 days – but phone ahead to if you would like the assistance of our design team

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dreaming of Green

Green is a beautiful colour choice for a special event. Obviously it brings to mind the theme of nature, life and harmony. All About Paper has been commissioned for a few tartan themed weddings which often incorporates a lot of dark green tones but there are so many other pretty shades of green to consider.

emerald, sea green, seafoam, grass, apple, mint, forest, lime,
spring, aquamarine, chartreuse, jade, sage and my favourite viridian

Being associated with all things natural green represents everything from fertility, growth, energy and fresh starts. From that green is also considered a relaxing colour and even more so when matched with blue, prefect for our semi-tropical climate.

Green gemstones are used to attract money, prosperity and wealth.

With both a warming and cooling effect, the colour green denotes balance, harmony, and stability. Green is said to be favoured by well balanced people who have a lot of respect for themselves and others.
All About Paper is one of the Brisbane’s largest stockists for Christina Re papers and back with our huge range of specialty papers, we are sure to have just the right shade of green for your theme.

Phone ahead to ensure that one of our design team will be on site to assist your selection. Our design team includes professional artists, event planners, printers and designers with extensive experience in organising events both large and small. With that level of experience, we can comfortably say nothing is too much to ask especially if you are looking for that uniquely you designer original, All About Paper is here and ready to help.
Open 7 days a week.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Golden Moments

Do you ever think about why we use gold at many celebrations?

Gold has always been associated with royalty, religion, tradition and wealth.

In using gold at celebrations people are wishing good fortune, wisdom, and a bright future. Pretty much any occasion you might want to celebrate could do with those wishes so don’t go past gold as an accent colour in your themes. Gold can come in shades from bright shiny bling tones to muted and vintage and many variations in between.

It is said that people who favour the colour gold have an optimistic out look on life. That sounds like our attitude here at All About Paper. We love paper and helping people to find the right match for their ideas from our large range of printed papers. Phone us at the shop to book a meeting with members of our creative team to design elegant invitations that can be very affordably made.