Monday, August 24, 2009

Creative Guest books for Celebrations

A guest book is a great way to remember a celebration.
As a new twist on the standard write your name here style of guest book why not create something that will be cherished by everyone and fun for your guests to make.

Place some pretty pens, instamatic camera, scissors, a selection of pretty paper, a glue stick on the table along with your guest book. You could either have blank pages for them to doodle as they like or maybe get them started with posing a question to answer, their tips for a happy marriage on suggestions for a good life together.

As guests arrive, start taking Polaroids or digital pictures that you can instantly print. Continuously place the photos on the table as they are available.

Tell your guests to write a little something in the guest book and to be creative! You will be amazed at how interesting the book will turn out. Best of all it will be a statement that is uniquely you and your guests on the day of your special celebration.

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