Sunday, July 19, 2009

Inspiring Brides and Special Events

We are so excited to be participating in the Inspire Bridal magazine dedicated to special events here in the Bayside region. Our complementary copies are in store now for you to pick up when visiting our new display and DIY workshop area. With the largest range of well known invitation papers like Christina Re and a good selection of other specialty papers All About Paper has enough resources to help you find the right solution to invitation, bombinare and table décor needs.

Have you thought of pergamano as unique accent on your invitations? The lace style of paperwork has been used for many years as a decorative feature in weddings and christenings. All About Paper has a wonderful and highly skilled teacher as part of our design team. Her beautiful designs and talented teaching style will have you creating artistic designs in no time at all.
Photography is described as an art and process of reproducing images and preserving memories. Who hasn’t seen a special moment that we want to savour the memory forever?

With all the new and affordable digital options photographs we all seem to be taking more photos. Why not make the best of that at enrol in a lesson to update your skills or gift certificate a lesson for someone who will be taking more photos as part of planning for your special event.

Melissa and Andrea of Point Shoot Play who teach half day photography lessons here at All About Paper are not only very skilled in the use of equipment but also talented teachers. They like to inspire others to achieve their best. Our class numbers are kept small to allow you individual attention for your own needs with your own camera at your own skill level.
Photoshop is a useful tool for photo manipulation that has both high end professional and home based editions with something for everyone. Much like the class where our numbers are kept small to allow you more personal attention, where everyone has their hands on the computer mouse learning the tricks that make this computer program a sinch.

Melissa Mieleka recently said some of the reasons why Point Shoot Play like to teach at All About Paper “ is the combination of a large well lit teaching space that is fully equipped with all the latest gear and ready to go with helpful staff for whom nothing is too much trouble that make All About Paper a fabulous learning space.”

We are also organising an option of 1on1 private tutorials in either photography or photoshop with Point Shoot Play, please call the shop to confirm availability.

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